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Blue Cat's Chorus - VST 4.01

With the Blue Cat’s Chorus software you can simulate several voices
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With the Blue Cat’s Chorus software you can simulate several voices and have them played with a delay or you can choose to create different sounds, pitches or effects.
The program is a plug-in that lets you adjust many features and achieve the sound you want, whether it is a same note chorus or a newly modulated pitch with sound effects. The quality is retained regardless of whether you change parameters in only small values or drastically. The MIDI control is in real time and comes with more advanced settings.

The user interface of the Blue Cat’s Chorus is easy to use and yet nice to look at. The graphics are good and the look can even be customized by changing skins. The program comes with three different skins to use, but more are available as downloads on the website or you can learn how to create your own new ones.

Another good thing about the Blue Cat’s Chorus plug-in program is that it supports both DirectX and VST formats. The updates are also done smoothly and there will be no interference when it happens. The parameter updates can also be done fully automated and continuously as needed.

Luis Sanchez
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